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Friends Eye Center Kumasi/Tamale

Dr. Acquah

Optometrist| Kumasi

Passionate about providing top-notch eye care and integrating the latest research. Holds a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree from KNUST, Ghana. Committed to delivering exceptional patient care. Enjoys reading and indulging in football/movies. Connect with me for insightful eye care!

Dr. A. A. Bioh

Optometrist | Kumasi

Welcome to Abena’s world of vision and compassion! As a distinguished graduate from KUNST with a degree in doctor of optometry, Abena’s journey is fueled by her genuine love for helping others. Her unwavering dedication has led her to actively participate in numerous outreach programs with the clinic, making a positive impact on the lives of many. With a passion for eye care and a heart for community service, Abena’s mission is to bring clarity and brightness to the world, one pair of eyes at a time. Discover the warmth of her expertise and the kindness of her soul as she illuminates the path to better vision and a brighter future.

Dr. E. Addo

Optometrist | Tamale

Meet Emmanuel Addo, an exceptional Optometrist whose unwavering dedication to helping people with vision has made a significant impact. Graduating from the renowned KNUST with a degree in Optometry, he has been passionately serving at a reputable clinic for over a year, touching numerous lives with his exceptional skills and genuine care. Emmanuel’s remarkable journey as an Optometrist showcases his commitment to providing the best possible eye care and leaving a positive influence on his community. Prepare to be inspired by the profound story of an Optometrist whose passion and expertise brighten the lives of many through improved vision and lasting impact.

Dr Yengpaala

Optometrist | Tamale

Introducing Dr. Yengpaala, a compassionate and skilled Optometrist who graduated from the renowned KNUST, Ghana. With an unwavering dedication to healthcare and eye care, he has devoted his life to helping others with various eye problems. Dr. Yengpaala’s heartfelt commitment to making a difference in people’s lives is evident through his active involvement in numerous eye care outreaches in rural areas, collaborating with the esteemed Friends Eye Center. His passion for enhancing vision health and providing top-notch eye care services continues to inspire those he serves, leaving a lasting impact on the communities he reaches. Explore the extraordinary journey of Dr. Yengpaala, an Optometrist who goes above and beyond to transform lives through improved eye health and care.

Mr. Kenneth

Optician | Kumasi

Discover Kenneth’s extraordinary journey, defined by purpose, perseverance, and personal growth. His indomitable spirit overcame obstacles, inspiring others to reach their potential and leave a lasting legacy. Through resilience and commitment, he transformed challenges into opportunities for success. Join this empowering narrative to unlock your own potential and embrace a life of purpose.

Alhaj Awudu

Optician | Tamale

Awudu Dramani is a highly accomplished Senior Ophthalmic Optician with a strong dedication to delivering exceptional eye care services. He completed his training at the prestigious School of Dispensing Optics (MOH) and has been an invaluable asset to the esteemed team at Friends Eye Centre in Tamale since August 2016. With prior experience as a Ward Assistant at Effiduase District Hospital and a Health Assistant at Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital in Asokore Ashanti, Awudu’s commitment to excellence in eye care has been unwavering. He continues to be a trusted and respected optician in the region, making a positive impact on the lives of those he serves.


Nurse | Tamale

Meet Hamdia, a compassionate and dedicated Nurse whose mission is to make people’s lives better through her exceptional care. With a strong commitment to improving the well-being of her patients, she finds great motivation in the social environment she works in and the fulfillment that comes from positively impacting the lives of those she serves. Hamdia’s unwavering dedication to her profession shines through in her interactions with patients and her efforts to provide the best possible healthcare. Prepare to be inspired by the journey of Hamdia, a Nurse who thrives on enriching lives and bringing a positive change to the world.


Senior Ophthalmic | Tamale

Welcome to the profile of Mr. Fuseini Kwadjah, a highly dedicated Senior Ophthalmic Nurse whose passion lies in providing exceptional healthcare. He acquired his training and expertise from the reputable Tamale Nursing Training School, empowering him with the skills to deliver high-quality care. Mr. Kwadjah’s heart lies with the esteemed Friends Eye Center, where he has devoted the majority of his career, wholeheartedly serving the community with unwavering commitment. His genuine love for the clinic and his patients shines through in every aspect of his practice. Prepare to be inspired by the journey of Mr. Fuseini Kwadjah, a Senior Ophthalmic Nurse who exemplifies excellence in eye care and touches lives through compassionate service.